Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am an experienced IT salesperson -- is the How to Sell Technology course for me?

    Yes, our IT sales methods are designed for entry level salespeople as well as senior sales account managers who are seeking to increase their success. Regardless of your sales experience, this course will teach you new techniques currently working in today's economy. Since our process is based on a best practices approach, we teach updated methods and tactics designed for all levels of IT salesperson's experience.

  • How is the Value Forward IT sales method different from all of the other sales training concepts available today?

    The Value Forward approach is a studied, best practice method that has been proven in the field with IT salespeople worldwide. Unlike other sales methods, our strategies and techniques are specifically designed to sell software, professional services and technology to management. Other sales methods are "adopted" or "modified" to sell technology, but not ours. In our course, we will give you detailed, non-fluffy, to-the-point action steps that you can take that will help you immediately penetrate the no-talk zone of management buyers. Then we'll show you how to professionally demo, propose and sell them as a peer... not a vendor.

  • Do you have a team discount?

    Yes. We offer team discounts. Please contact us at 770-632-7647 for team discounts. We will import your team members into the course and enable them to set their own password. Each user receives a personalized certificate upon completion.

  • How long do I have to access my course?

    You have access to your course for 90 days.

  • Can I share my course with other salespeople?

    No, the course may not be shared with other people. The course is interactive and records the learner's progress, quizzes and exam responses. Additionally, the course provides a personalized certificate at the end of the course. The certificate may be shared on your social networks and provided to your executive team to confirm completion of the course.