If selling computer software and services was an Olympic sport… Paul DiModica would be tested for steroids.

Jerry Gregoire, Editor at Large,
CIO Magazine (Chief Information Office Magazine)
 former CIO, Dell Computers

The Value Forward Group is an IT sales, marketing and strategy consulting and training firm that works with technology, software and professional service leadership teams both domestically and internationally to help them build replicable revenue capture systems designed to accelerate growth.

Paul DiModica, Value Forward’s senior partner, has spent 30+ years working in IT executive positions having served as VP of Sales and Marketing, CRO, COO and VP of Strategy and Business Development in privately-held, VC and PE funded and public companies.

Additionally, Paul co-founded two software companies now owned by public companies, including Aloha POS Systems (now owned by NCR) as VP of Sales and Marketing and e4Speed (now owned by Renaissance Worldwide) as VP of Sales and Marketing. 

Since 2001, we have been helping clients solve sales and marketing business problems by providing value communication clarity in their customer conversations and building scalable sales and marketing programs that are integrated into one revenue capture process.

Through the deployment of our proprietary Value Forward® method and working collaboratively with our clients, we increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate marketing operational performance.

Today, many technology firms pull their value behind them and force themselves into a negative sales and marketing position, reducing the ability for their company to grow topline revenues.

Value Forward was started to help IT companies build sales and marketing programs that put their value out in front so prospects will believe your value and pay for your high-tech products and services.

We know that …

Branding is not revenue.

Advertising is not revenue.

Marketing is not revenue.

PR is not revenue.

Operations is not revenue.

Development is not revenue.

Revenue is revenue.

At the Value Forward Group, we are revenue capture engineers and know that it is not first to market that counts… but smart to market.